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You spend nearly all of your time taking care of others. Still, you shouldn’t neglect your health and wellness — which is why an annual well-woman exam is so important. Specializing in women’s health, Bayard Obstetrics & Gynecology makes sure your health is on the right track, with convenient locations in Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Flushing, New York. Call or schedule an online consultation today.

Annual Well-Woman Exam Q & A

What is a Well-Woman Exam?

An annual examination, a well-woman exam is a check-up that focuses on preventive care to maintain your good health. These exams are sometimes called gynecological exams or pelvic exams. No matter the name, the focus of a well-woman exam is on your overall wellness and setting you on the path to good reproductive health, now and in the future.

During this check-up, the doctors at Bayard Obstetrics & Gynecology perform tests to assess your health and wellbeing. They also may tell you whether you need shots to prevent diseases or certain health conditions.

What Happens During an Annual Well-Woman Exam?

The doctors start with taking a complete history. They spend time asking questions about your medical history, whether any diseases run in your family, your sexual health, and any medications you’re currently taking.

Next, you’ll have a physical exam, which includes taking your blood pressure and measuring your height and weight. You may be asked to undress completely, or from the waist down, so a doctor at Bayard Obstetrics & Gynecology can perform a:

  • Pap test - Check for early signs of cervical cancer
  • Breast exam - Check for lumps or changes in your breasts and under your arms
  • Pelvic exam - Feel inside your vagina and pelvis to make sure you’re healthy

How Can I Get Ready for My Exam?

Your well-woman exam is the perfect time to ask questions about any issues that may be troubling you, including any changes you’ve noticed to your body. As your body grows and ages, it changes, and you may wonder whether some of the differences you’re seeing are normal.

Here are just a few of the topics you might want to ask about:

  • Birth control options
  • Trying to have a baby
  • Signs of menopause
  • Changes in your breasts
  • Safe sex and sexually transmitted diseases
  • Mental health issues, including depression or anxiety
  • Eating healthy and staying active
  • Your relationships and your safety

If you have questions about your health or it’s been a while since you’ve had a well-woman exam, call or schedule an online consultation today with the caring, experienced team of doctors at Bayard Obstetrics & Gynecology.